Why babybeep®

The story is always the same: you think the baby was dropped at school or the babysitter. A work phone call, stress combined with fast pace routines unexpectedly change your plans, you park your car under the sun that becomes a hostile environment for the baby, that unfortunately is still in the car.

babybeep®, thanks to its technology able to work even if you don’t have your phone with you, will give you the peace of mind you need. Designed to be used on any car seat, lightweight and user friendly with high protocols of safety, protects parents that face everyday fatigue, tensions and work stress.

Because SAFETY is not a game.

Drive and live hassle-free, every day!

Your baby’s life is priceless.
Choose a product certified and entirely made in Italy.

Smart pad

Built-in acoustic alert

Even without a smartphone

Easy pairing with smartphones

Apple iOS and Android apps

SMS with GPS

Antibacterial tissue

Easily replaceable AAA mini batteries