babybeep® Blue Sea


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Anti-abandonment system consisting of a one size fits all smart pad that is placed on a car seat and connected through BluetoothTM with the app babybeep, available for free and works with iOS and Android.

Color: Baby Beep Blue Sea

Ultrathin Pad: 9.85″x9.45″x0.32″ (LxWxH)

Lightweight: 3.5 oz

89.99 USD


babybeep® : the certified anti abandonment smart pad

Buy babybeep®, the anti-abandonment system is now available in the US market. You can purchase with confidence with your credit card, Paypal, ApplePay and many other payment methods.

Innovative technologies and cutting-edge materials for a 100% Italian product.

babybeep® is made with breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial fabrics and padding, does not alter the seat positioning of the baby because it is ultra-thin. Placed on a car seat, it detects the presence of the child. Powered by two mini AAA batteries, included in the package and easily replaceable. babybeep® is smart: detects the presence of the baby, through the body mass and not the body weight. It also warns you when batteries need to be replaced.

babybeep® uses BluetoothTM BLE Low Energy, to connect with your smartphone. babybeep® is battery powered, no cables needed and it comes with a built in buzzer to warn you when the baby is left behind, even when you forget your smartphone home! babybeep® it’s also a trendy product: check out our available colors.

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