babybeep®: innovative technologies, cutting-edge materials

babybeep® is the anti abandonment smart pad that tens of thousand of Italian and Israeli families have already adopted to avoid unintentionally forgetting the children in the car. A premium product in the market of anti- abandonment devices: 100% Made in Italy, made with breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial fabrics and padding, does not change the normal seat of the child because it is ultra thin. babybeep® is smart: detects the presence of the child resting on the seat and warns you when the battery is running out. babybeep® is connected with your smartphone but guarantees your serenity and that of those you love even when you forget your smartphone at home! Because security is not a game.



The system consists of a universal smart pad that is positioned on the car seat and that communicates with the app babybeep® through Bluetoothtm technology.

babybeep® app is free and works with iOS and Android.

Works even when the smartphone is off or left home

If the associated smartphone switches off during use or is left home, babybeep® smart pad notices it and keeps you on alert with its built-in buzzer.

No SIM, no subscription, no fee

In the event of abandonment, the driver shall be notified. In the absence of a reply, the Service Center babybeep® sends an SMS to all emergency contacts entered during the activation of the app.

No Cable

Innovative BluetoothTM smart pad, battery-powered and with acustive alarm.
Does not require connections to external energy sources. No cable around the cabin.

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